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We are in a nice little beach town on the east coast of the North Island about an hour from Auckland. We have a cute little beach cottage with 2 bedrooms a little kitchen and sitting area. It’s very clean and cozy. This morning it is pouring rain so we are practicing our self-quarantine by drinking tea, eating shortbread, reading and playing candy crush.
We are trying not to be anxious about our return home but it’s difficult. Avis keeps trying to be cheery and positive, I am mostly just pissed off and really anxious about the isolation when I get back. If I thought I had any choice I would opt for remaining here. It feels so safe and normal. A lot of the locals are not worried although there has been a bit of panic buying in some stores. Avis thinks we must have offended some travel gods because she is suffering with a new round of bug bites, mosquitoes or midges , plus we seem to have lost our good weather.
If our weather improves and we get out and about I will post some pictures.

Posted by linfays 15:58

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Oh those nasty bites! I hope you have some good antihistamine cream. Enjoy the time in your lovely cottage. I think rain is even preferable to the snow and gloomy weather we are having here today. Take care of yourselves and here’s hoping for some sunshine before Sunday!

by Colleen

I don't blame you for wanting to stay. I certainly would if I were in your shoes.

In just over a month I will need to decide if I will be going to New Zealand. As a citizen, I do have the right to go but I wonder if I will or not?!? Hmmmm...

Continue to enjoy your time there.

by Cathy Norrie

It is frustrating indeed. However try to think big picture.. if everyone does their part either social distancing or isolating this pandemic will be over sooner than later. People everywhere are losing out on weddings, trips, etc etc... enjoy your last few days. Isolation will be easy...I promise

by Jodi

Hi guys,

Too bad you are having rain!!
We have snow, live in winter wonderland !
It was really cold for a few days last week ,but much better now. Chilly yes! Days have been very sunny, now snowing!
Linda , Do not worry ! life is not too bad! I always love being at home!
Joe walks more than I do! We are well!
Joe is just back from Co op. It is almost 6 pm! Everything in the store!
Not many people, but enough! Even lots of toilet paper!!!
The first week of lock down is over for us! Really cosy in our house!

I phoned all my single friends, over here and in The Netherlands!
All take it in stride! Lovely to talk to all of them!

When are you going to travel back?? I forgot!
We are very happy our granddaughter is back in Canada! She was supposed to study in Melbourne for half a year! She loved it there!
Travel is getting more difficult! I am sure you are aware of that!
Hope it all will go easy for you! The travel news is different each day!
Keep up enjoying!! Hope the weather will better!!
Good luck with it all!
We will have some white wine ready ( as usual!!) for when you get back!
Greetings and hug , the internet ones are still allowed!!! Jacq

by Jacqueline Van Eldberg

Linda - don’t be ‘pissed off’ at having to be quarantined. Everyone who is socially responsible is pretty much doing that - there is community spread happening - people getting sick from just being out at the store etc. There isn’t anywhere to go or any need - most stores, all recreation Centers, theatres etc are closed. It is a time to stay home and try to stay healthy. Unfortunately the world is changed at the moment .....I have been in isolation for a week now and it’s okay - a good walk each day, reading ,finished a puzzle and done some spring cleaning. Hope you travel safely.

by Debbi

Linda I am sure that you are pissed about having to leave there early. It doesn’t seem fair but once you are home I am sure you will be glad you came. It didn’t seem like such a threat here either but now that we have a case here it is hitting home. Avis must be sweeter than you and that is why she is attracting the bugs! We have a friend that was in Nicaragua and was going to stay there but then had second thoughts and decided to come home. He has been having a heck of a time making travel arrangements but hopes to be coming home on Monday unless his flights get changed again!

by Bonnie

We remember Orewa with good memories...a friendly little town with good walking, beautiful flowers. Cheer up! You have great memories and photos of a wonderful experience, travelling with a super companion. Time will pass quickly...after all, spring starts tonight at about 9pm according to Dave Spence on CTV! Thinking of you,


by Diane Wilson

It must be so frustrating. It is just beyond comprehension how quickly everything is changing. Seems surreal. Hoping for good weather for you in your last couple of days and safe travels home. Let’s Zoom or FT when you are back, Linda

by Erin H

So sorry your adventure was cut short! I don’t think anyone really saw this coming in spite of what was happening ! Take care and we will have to get in touch once your home and settled into your isolation .BARB

by Barb

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